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Partner, Savitsky, Satin & Bacon Bacon fondly remembers an era when loans could be approved over the phone with a bank relationship officer. Regulations that piled up over the years provide more safety, but it’s “onerous to the point that clients complain why things take so long,” he says.“It borders on overkill.” Bacon also finds that banks shy away from dealing with certain offshore entities because of growing red tape.

Strange request: “I had a client who believed that Fanta in Canada had less sugar than Fanta in the U. So I helped the client get cases of Fanta from Canada delivered.” Partner, Savitsky, Satin & Bacon Because pro basketball and baseball players get big signing bonuses, Bucci says that they face important financial decisions very early in their careers.

His clients include athletes, actors, directors, writers, producers, executives, and composers.

Happy Neigh Year: “One of my more unusual requests was arranging for the transport of a client’s ponies from one stable to another on New Year’s Eve.” Partner, MGO Showrunners are the sweet spot for Davis, who has a client list that includes big-name TV writer-producers, including Peter Lenkov (“Hawaii Five-0″) and recent addition Shonda Rhimes, along with prolific producer Roberto Orci (“Star Trek”).

I once did the audit thing and it’s boring as heck.” Partner, Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman Barash sees the client relationship as a two-way education process.

Business managers need to first understand client goals, which usually emerge gradually, and then they can tailor information to be meaningful to clients.

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The sector requires people-communications skills “to put information into a business application and then feed it back to clients so they can understand it.” Besides accounting skills, business managers are also confidantes and strategic business advisors, he adds.

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